Does Photographer own my pictures? – Shutterstock Contributor

Does Photographer own my pictures? – Shutterstock Contributor

If you pay the fees for your own images, you own them.

If you use photography by a licensed photographer, you own an unlicensed person’s copyrighted photographs.

All photography is done for research, art and promotion. The copyright holder determines what the rights are for its own images.

Photographer is a licensed professional photographer registered in New York with the state.

Can he license my photography if my image is under copyright or is a derivative work?

You may have an idea for your own image that you’d like to make the public. If you are a photographer for hire, you may want to talk to an attorney about possible licensing options. In general, you should hire a non-professional photographer to take photos to use in the commercial image. But, if you would like to use your own image for marketing or editorial purposes, an artist or lawyer may be able to offer you a license.

Can he hire people to build houses in my image?

There are a number of things that an artist or creative professional cannot do, including building houses, creating artworks or creating derivative works of art for compensation.

What is a license agreement?

An artist or designer can create a license agreement, but not a copy of one. They can agree that you will not use their artwork or design in commercial or other uses that could put you into harm’s way, but you can copy them. This is similar to a written, sealed legal agreement.

Is a photographer using photographs to make a business card? Does he charge me for the use of his picture?

Photography companies do not charge for their use of photographs to make business cards or other promotional products.

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Can he make a business card that shows a picture of me from my photo calendar?

No. If you are making a business card that sells a photographic subscription service or service, then you may want to discuss other licensing options with your attorney.

Can I use a portrait or photo of my parents or other family members?

As a photographer you have full ownership rights to any published photograph that is sold. For more details please see the Creative Commons website.

I am writing a business book or other work that will depict a portrait of myself and my spouse. Do you have any licenses in my state?

No, unless your images could be used in a commercial purpose, your state and federal laws do not cover commercial use of your work.

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