Do free prints keep your photos? – Clickasnap Login

Yes, free prints do keep a photo file. They will store the photo even if your phone is turned off by the time you get them. However, once it’s used, they can’t be re-uploaded. You can also download them or transfer them to a computer by scanning an existing image.

How do I make a free print? Can I print the image on my own device without signing up for a subscription?

No. Using the print service you can only make a free print after you have completed registration and payment.

I don’t have any devices, can I print online now?

In order to print your image on your own mobile phone using the free print service, you need: a computer and an internet connection. You cannot set up your mobile device to use the services to make free prints online, however.

I have signed up with an online print service. Can I use my subscription to make free prints in the future?

No, as with any subscription service you sign up to, your membership is valid for the period in question. However any unused minutes and data remain at your current service level when you join a new service. You can renew your subscription from the list of paid services.

In which country can I print my image?

Free prints are valid in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, and Switzerland. For more information, go to

How do I get more images?

You can obtain additional images through this link (requires a free account).

My service has expired, what do I do?

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You can re-sign up for a subscription as soon as your current one expires.

I have subscribed to other free services! How can I access those free collections?

Free collections are no longer available for download, however, you can sign up to a subscription to download them as you would a set in print print catalogues.

Do I need to own my computer to print my images?


Can I print on my iPad or any mobile device?

If you have signed up for digital images, you can print on your iPad as long as you own an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone and the app is installed on the device itself.

However, if your device is a “connected” device, it will use your mobile service to download the images.

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