Can I make money from my pictures? – Youtube Lyric Videos Make Money

Can I make money from my pictures? – Youtube Lyric Videos Make Money

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The White Helmets, an alternative non-governmental organization, have received funding from a US foundation, and their founder and former spokesperson, Raheel Raza, is a friend of President Trump.

According to the Guardian, Raza “recently received a $35,000 (£30,000) grant from the American Friends of Al-Nusra (JN), an extremist rebel group based in Syria.” The organization currently works with Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, a rebel group affiliated with al-Qaida.

The Guardian further reports that, “Raza, a former BBC journalist and Syria civil defence leader, led a delegation of Britons to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo to work with rebel fighters, who he called ‘the best chance to end the 20-year-long conflict.’ Raza, a member of a British Syrian National Council [the government body that is responsible for forming local councils], said: ‘The Americans, Britain and Britain’s allies will have to stop supporting the rebels in Syria or they will lose their credibility on the battlefield.’

The White Helmets, whose Twitter account was suspended due to a copyright claim (it has since been restored), and which have taken a prominent role in providing an alternative account of the suffering in western “free” Syrian cities, did not respond to messages seeking comment. “We’ll have to ask @realDonaldTrump to let us back in Syria soon.”

Raza previously gave the Washington Post a platform to air the views of his own White Helmet counterparts, who have been the subject of international criticism recently because of the organization’s claim that its volunteers have saved thousands of lives in Syria.

But while Raza’s organization has received funding from groups ranging from the Carnegie Corporation to the Open Society Foundation, his former colleague and current spokesperson, Ahmad Tlas, has received funding almost entirely from private donors. He is currently serving a 10-year jail sentence on charges stemming from the assassination of Iranian officials. He and other members of the organization have been featured on the BBC World Service and the BBC Persian, and Tlas was the director of the international humanitarian service at the UN. Tlas has

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