Why do dog trainers hate retractable leashes? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Vikings Tickets

Why do dog trainers hate retractable leashes? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Vikings Tickets

It’s because retractable leashes, as they’re called in the industry, are difficult for people to adopt. They can be difficult to keep on during sleep and are too loose or too long to tie neatly. And since they are difficult to maintain, a dog who must sleep with his or her leash could end up in a life of frustration, and even suffering, on the owner’s front lawn.

It’s tough to get people to change their dog’s behavior with a retractable leash

The most difficult dogs to change people’s behavior with are dogs that were bred for physical strength, or do not naturally fear or love people the way other dogs do. Most dogs who are strong-willed are aggressive toward people, with a natural tendency to run away and seek a safe, quiet place to sleep. And these dogs often have a strong dislike for their owners, and no natural aversion to them.

Many trainers and owners agree that their dog must sleep close to them, under their full control, at all times of the day and night. People will sometimes ask a loose leash-liver for their dog to stay indoors, or even to be given a place to sleep alone, in a bedroom or apartment. This is not going to be a solution in every case, of course. It is the case that the owner must be very careful and respectful, not trying to keep the dog inside when it won’t come, and leaving them to explore in between visits, and leave them out to go play in yards or outside, or play and rest together. A loose dog who has a preference for solitude or a very long leash might well become aggressive if left indoors with it, as would most dogs with a natural fear of people.

Another popular and often-used way of training a dog to sleep close to the owner is to put a leash on it (the “lock-on” method), and tie it to a small object that people can easily remove to go for a drive or a walk outside. The problem with this approach is that dogs of many breeds, especially those for work, have large, often very strong, hind legs. In a typical lock-on, the leash is very tightly tied to the object that holds it to your property. And since you leave your dog without the object, and the leash moves to your driveway, the dog’s front feet are in front of the locked object, which may cause them to get the object wet in the dirt on the driveway.

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