What states require a dog grooming license? – Catchy Pet Grooming Business Names

What states require a dog grooming license? – Catchy Pet Grooming Business Names

All states require dogs to be licensed, either by vaccination or by a certificate of examination. Many states require the dog to be microchipped. Some require that dogs be registered with the authorities so that they can be traced in case of an incident.

Many states do not offer a vaccination certificate, only a license and certificate. You may also be able to obtain a vaccination without a license by registering a dog with the authorities or at a dog registration event.

What are the licensing processes in the states?

You can contact a state licensing agency or go to public health departments websites. They should have a list of licensed kennels and dog license shops, and you can check for your state’s licensing law on the Department of Health Administration website. In some cases you may be able to obtain the required vaccination at your local pet store or pet supply store. But, in almost every state, these stores must also carry an identification card. This can be obtained from the state animal shelter or department of health, or by contacting the local shelter. You can also obtain this kind of card from the local county or town clerk office. If you are working with a local shelter, they can help you locate the licenses.

What if I am under eighteen? Can I visit a pet store?

If you are under eighteen (18) you cannot travel to pet stores without obtaining parental permission, and you must go through a licensed grooming shop. You should have permission to purchase the grooming kit and any other products needed for the grooming procedure. You will need to provide a parent statement form signed by a responsible caregiver. You can download a document that can help you find a local animal shelter or county clerk office in your state.

What if I am not under the age of 18? Can I take my dog to pet stores?

No, under no circumstances may you take a dog to a pet store. Many of these stores provide information through the mail or phone, and you should contact the store to verify the information.

What if I don’t know where to find my state dog licensing laws?

The following list of states have information available in their respective websites:

A note on vaccination requirements for dogs and cats

Because dogs and cats are far more different than dogs or cats for obvious reasons, each owner should be cautious when selecting their pet’s vaccine. In many states, there are vaccines available to both children and adults. The information below is based on the information available from

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