What is the profit margin on dog food? – Pet Business For Sale Orange County Ca Tax Assessor

What is the profit margin on dog food? – Pet Business For Sale Orange County Ca Tax Assessor

Well, if you’re eating your dog’s dog food, which is probably pretty low, that’s not the question. If you’re in the pet store business, or trying to set up your own store, you’re really asking about profitability – where is the food, where is the bulk, who is buying the most you’re making very little money on pet food.

That’s why I said, well if you just don’t have a lot of pets, you can afford a very inexpensive, very healthy pet food. You’re only spending money on pet food when you’re feeding lots of small dogs that have high growth rate and you’re feeding lots of a-low-growth-rate dogs and really small dogs, so that’s where you have the profit margin is. You should be getting your meat from a really small number of very small dogs. So, if you feed a dog one per day and they grow every time you feed them, you’re going to get a lot more meat in a very limited amount of time. That’s why they’re getting so expensive.

You might go to a very small store. You might go to a very large store. It’s not the same. It’s not going to be the same.

Question: Would you consider selling canned dog food?

John: No, I don’t think I would. I don’t think I’m prepared to do that, so as I said, I’m going to spend most of my time thinking about the meat that I’m eating.

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Question: I have an interesting thought. That may not be so obvious to you if you do what I was doing and you look on this website but I saw a study a few months ago that looked at a very low cost dog food called “Dunkin’ Donuts.” The price it was listed at for it came out to about $4.19, which is a fraction of what the price is for a whole wheat dog food. That’s an interesting idea!

John: That’s a great answer.

Question: Well, does it look like you could maybe offer a low cost product that is very good for the body and well-balanced, and you just add water as an ingredient?

John: That’s a wonderful way to make it look like a quality product, and I don’t know if it would be a good idea. I would just have to figure out what I would make in the first place. But again, I don’t

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