What hours do dog walkers work? – How To Start A Pet Business

What hours do dog walkers work? – How To Start A Pet Business

Each year, around 400,000 pet dogs are lost out on the road. This includes over 700 million dogs in the UK alone, and is increasing every year. The Government is responsible for tracking what steps are taken to help animals, and where the money goes. A very important part of that is the funding for the national dog walking scheme, and this is where we can help.

Dog walkers are volunteers who walk dogs for money. This means they’re usually paid for a fixed amount per year. The average fee for a full 24-hour day or 5-day week is under £20 so it can be difficult to justify it to customers. As we all know, it’s expensive to buy new clothes when you are out, but it can be cheaper than buying a new pet food, pet shampoo or dryer and it’s much more than that for a dog walker. It should be as reasonable for a dog walker as it is for you.

For more information about this campaign visit www.dogwalkers.org.uk/dog-walker-campaign

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Are dog walking courses necessary?

There are two ways to run a dog walking course – the standard course which can be very expensive and take a lot longer, and the more flexible course, which allows you to walk from anywhere throughout the day!

The standard course is typically conducted by a professional teacher who can be hired for a minimum of 10 hours and covers the complete dog walker course. They are usually taught on walks of 5 miles or less, with lots of time on a treadmill or bike. They’ll need to keep in contact with all the participants and record how many walks have been completed, the total length and distances walked, the difficulty level and if necessary extra training.

The more flexible course is generally conducted by a person who is able to come out of retirement and walk dog for 10 hours per day (which is the average length of a 20 minute walk), and are generally taught through walks lasting 2-5 miles. This would include some time out on a treadmill, bike or treadmill in a training room, and some extra help with the walk with their dog at all times. They’ll also need to meet the above rules and regulations.

There are a range of courses available which are suitable for people from all walks of life – even if they don’t have dogs!

It’s a lot to take in — but it may be worth it.

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