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I get it, but what do they really do?

What other services does a dog walker provide?

This isn’t a post about the best method to bring a dog home, but more about getting a sense of how often dogs spend time at different locations, and getting a sense of whether a walker can be helpful for each dog. These are just a couple of examples from what I found on the web, and many have a lot of additional insight in these areas too.

What do the different terms mean?

There’s been lots of information on all these topics. What do the different terms mean? There are more definitions listed here.
How to Turn Your Overwhelm Into Productivity – Pet Nanny ...

Dog Ownership/ownership of pets (often abbreviated “DOG”)

Dog training

Dog walking

DOG Owner?

Dog Walking

DOG Owner?

Pets & Dogs as a “Community” (usually abbreviated “PETS”)

Saving a Dog

The DOG Owner Problem

Dog Park Management (usually abbreviated “PD”)

PD Owner

DOG Owner?

There are a lot of people who say they have a “dog” but don’t know very much about dog ownership, and who might need to consult a professional on dog/pets issues to get an accurate picture of what to expect.

A note on terms: I tried very hard to cover as many different types of dog/pets situations as possible, to make it easier for people to get the most accurate sense of how they can best work with their pets.

Dog Ownership/Owners of Pets

Pet Friendly vs. Dog Friendly

Pet Friendly is defined as:

“The owner’s attitude toward the responsibility for maintaining a loving, healthy community of dogs, cats, or other animals.”

There are different opinions on what this means — some see it as something to be proud of, others think it’s a positive step toward helping people be more responsible with their pets.

“Pet friendly” typically means that pets are not allowed in the household (often in a “play yard”), and that they are not allowed to be left unattended in a vehicle.

PEDs and DOGs are often classified as a subgroup of either pets or dogs, based on how long they’ve been in the house, and how many people they’ve been with or on the premises with.

Some are

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