What dogs are suitable for full time workers? – Arthur’s Pet Business Youtube For Kids

What dogs are suitable for full time workers? – Arthur’s Pet Business Youtube For Kids

The main factor in choosing dogs over other breeds is how hard you work, their personality, and temperament. Your dog will do best in a full time life in which he or she is exposed to high stress environments, is fed a large selection of foods appropriate for their species, and is protected from physical attacks and accidents.

I’d like to buy a male dog and can’t afford females (or can’t afford breeders who are taking care of puppies). Could you make me some recommendations?

As a breeder, we recommend the most beautiful females as the ideal for a particular puppy. Males can be bred with the right parents to make very sweet and loyal babies.

In any event, you’ll save an awful lot of money by breeding the right way.

As a side note, the female version of this dog is extremely good for agility, which is what we love doing the most.

What is “Full Time” work?

Some dog trainers will say that dog working is simply being able to walk your dog for a few minutes at a time on a regular basis.

I’ve noticed that a lot of new dog owners equate dog work to housework. They just buy their new dog a dog crate, a harness, and leash. Their dog is trained to stay in the crate for 15 minutes a day. After a season of working in a dog crate, I had several clients who just didn’t take the time to make sure their dog was clean, well groomed, and had no accidents.

These owners just went for it! And after a couple weeks, they were ready to buy a puppy and move on with their lives.

Now, I’d never recommend that one approach to working dogsā€¦ unless you’ve bought a puppy from a breeder who has used some other techniques instead.

Here’s a great summary from The Dog Whisperer:

“The average home, dog or cat walks for just about an hour a day. To put that in perspective, it would take 3,000 years to walk the average dog who had a good quality job. So the dog is not being done any work that they wouldn’t be doing if they weren’t in an ‘unpaid’ position and their handler was simply making it up as they go along. It is not a “unpaid” job that the dog is doing for us, and it is certainly not a “unpaid” job that the dog is doing for the dog’s owners

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