Should I leave the TV on for my dog? – Home Based Pet Supply Business

Should I leave the TV on for my dog? – Home Based Pet Supply Business

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Although it is an unusual and not-often discussed matter here, it is good to set your TV to auto-pause when you leave it on. Once you leave your dog in the house, it doesn’t always work out for them to turn it off.

Your dog may want to come back into the home if you move your TV offscreen and he or she does so when there are children in the home. For this reason it is good to leave the TV on while you move out.

What if my dog is left outside on his/her own?

It’s natural to want to supervise your dog for long periods of time outside. If you are outside on your own, you should also supervise your dog to make sure he/she is staying safe — the same way children watch their kids. Make sure you supervise only when your dog is not in a situation where you could potentially hurt him/her or someone in a home.

How do I tell my dog to stay inside?

If your dog is outside alone on his/her own most times, then this is the most likely time that you need to take your dog inside and turn it off.

What should I do if my dog is left outside alone?

There are several ways you can deal with this problem. First, if your dog is left alone on his/her own, then you can get a leash or tether and put your dog outside when you get home. This will help you avoid possible aggression toward your dog if your dog does start to stray from your side of the home.

The second way to handle this problem is to leave the TV on and turn it off while you take your dog out for an outside walk or run. In the summer, when your dog would be bored, go with your dog outside. In the winter when you would have to go outside to play in the snow, do not leave your dog inside alone while you go outside. Do this only when you feel like making a break for it.

If you have any other problem or questions about keeping your dog inside by yourself, please let us know.

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