Is shooting a dog to put it down humane? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Vikings Training

Is shooting a dog to put it down humane? – Pet Business For Sale Mn Vikings Training

We’re not sure about that. It sounds like there was a lot of drama involved…


You know, if it was your dog in the road, and you pulled over to pick it up and got all pissy, and then you shot him to put him down, I think it would be hard to justify.

So, to recap, you decided to shoot your dog, and a dog had to be shot to put him down. Can you have your dog shot to put him down humanely? That seemed like a pretty good deal.

A former executive at a Florida restaurant called to ask if she would be willing to take a photo for a local newspaper with a dead raccoon.

The customer, who was posing as an employee of a seafood restaurant, asked if she could have the photo taken in front of the dining room and then later asked her to use the phone to take a photo of its death, according to an article on the Miami New Times Web site.

If the customer had not thought to take the photo first, the photo of the dead raccoon would have been posted online by the Times.

The Times of San Jose obtained the photo from Michael De La Cruz, 31, who worked for a seafood restaurant in Miami called Nautica Seafood House.

The photos were taken from a nearby restaurant window on Aug. 2. The Times did not identify De La Cruz, who now works as an executive with a Florida company that provides online information services, in its story.

The Times reports that the dead raccoon is seen lying on the asphalt, its fur still wet from the surf.

The Times also says the dead raccoon “is in a state of undisturbed decay,” although the Times did not say when the photograph was taken.

According to the Tampa Bay Times:

In a police report, an investigator noted that “there is no sign of injury on the raccoon, nor any sign of foul play.” He did note the raccoon did not appear to be dead, though a photo of the raccoon lying in a plastic bag on the ground seems to show it is not moving.

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The Times did note one photo of the dead raccoon was taken from an opposite angle from the other shots, but this was not taken from a restaurant window.

De La Cruz, the Times report says, told him he “couldn’t do anything if (the customer) did not want to do

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