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There aren’t many dog walkers in Japan who don’t actually work for them. As many as 50% of Japanese households are dog owners. So even if you can’t afford to hire a dog walker, you can find employment as a guard dog, for example. You may still find the work appealing as there are always new problems facing dog walkers and it is also a good income.

Japanese people consider their dogs to be second-class citizens. They are almost considered by everyone as a work of art, as a dog can do anything.

Are the dogs all Japanese?

Many Japanese children grow up surrounded by several dog breeds, usually of the Japanese type. There are over 200 breeds of dog in Japan.

In Japan, there are several breeds of dogs with a distinct appearance and behavior. The majority are black and white dogs. Dogs with red hair are often called hanmi (black hair). White hanmi dogs are also called mama dogs.

Dog breeds are highly regulated. So it is important to ask your nearest breed club to assess the breed as you can find out what their restrictions are. Sometimes, however, there can be no restrictions at all. So try to ask your local breed club for information on rules and regulations. The most important and difficult rules to learn about are those which ban certain breeds. Check the national registry of dog breeds. This can be found on their website

What about the safety of working dogs?

The safety of working dogs is much higher than for pets. Working dogs usually wear identification tags. The tag is usually a color similar to the dog’s fur.

The safety of the puppies and young dogs is less known. This is because it is hard to know what happens to them in the puppy and pet shelters. However, it is very much advisable to pay attention to the dogs’ behaviour while they are in an enclosure or on other animals. The puppies stay with the owners for much longer periods when they are puppies.

Some dogs are very loyal, however, while others are very mischievous. The dog who is not so careful will injure somebody as soon as they meet in the house.

However, you should never let the dogs run off alone!

Are dogs allowed to use the toilet?

Japanese people are much more familiar with toilets as they are commonly known within the company they work in. So if you are in Japan,

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