Is dog walking self employed? – Dog Related Companies

Is dog walking self employed? – Dog Related Companies

In the past dog walking had been seen to be a common aspect of the self employment of individuals; however the numbers of dog walkers has increased. Today dog walking can be self employed as long as the client can afford the transportation cost. Therefore in any circumstances, if one is living alone one needs to carry on as one does to ensure that they are getting their daily exercise that they need to survive.

Are there any laws in regards to dog walking?

As with all activities like employment, when it comes to hiring a dog you must make sure that you are comfortable to have a dog around during the working hours. In order to ensure that the job you are applying for is suitable for you, you should first have a good knowledge about your profession then be able to ask yourself the most important questions. Do you work alone on a regular basis or do you use your dog in other ways? If you are using your dog as a service, you should make sure to check with the company that you use that job is suitable for you as well as the company that you are working with. Do you rent or own a pet in your care? Be sure that you will not face any problems while going through the formalities required.

In Conclusion….

Since dog walking has become more visible as a profession, especially in the rural areas; it is necessary that a client can meet the dog walker because the dog does not come across well by other people but once they are alone with the dog the dog becomes very curious and they become very interested in the way that the dog is walking. Therefore, the first step of the job is to get to know the dog and how it is comfortable to have it with you. If you are considering going to a dog walker, please consider getting as much information on the dog as you possibly can before you begin as it is not something that can be easily taken into consideration.
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