Is dog walking self employed? – Dog Grooming Business For Sale Florida

Is dog walking self employed? – Dog Grooming Business For Sale Florida

Yes! A lot of dog walkers own their own dog and walk around with it to make their lives easier. Many people go to the dog park themselves, and their dog gets on board. However, not all dog owners are happy about having to leave the house so often and also take the dog out on walking tours or walks with other dog walkers. Some of you may want to set up a dog walking business or have your dog on a day walk program or walks as a reward for good behaviour.

What is the best way to go about setting up a dog walking business?

Make sure someone is in charge of it. Get a website up – this will help you develop a reputation and attract as many dog walkers as possible (and they are more willing to take your dog on tour if it is dog walker sponsored – don’t let this dissuade you though! This is a way of showing off for the business and getting more people to pay attention to the business).

Find a place to park – you can always hire a garage or an open space. If you don’t live in a city, get yourself a car parking area in a local park or park near to a garage. You might think you can do this, but there are strict laws of the City of Hamilton that must be followed. Make sure there is a fence around the area and make sure it is secure enough. The easiest solution is to park in a garage but if you have an area near the park or car park, you can park in an open space that has a fence and you can park in a parking space. Also, it might be helpful to have a local dog walker who is willing to pay to park your dog for your walking tours. Ask the local dog walker if they would be willing to share your profits and be sure to ask for a dog friendly parking space to park the dog in.

Find a site near a building (or in an alley) – these areas are ideal for dog walkers to park your dog and have them come on board the tours or walk trips as rewards for good behaviour. Make sure the building is available for day tours or walk trips as well. Be sure the building and surrounding area have some privacy and there is some fence with a screen over it so the dog cannot run off.

Have someone drive your dog everywhere – take the dog walking tour and park your dog in one of the free spots in the back so your dog is available for dogs of all ages

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