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In this age of modern conveniences, the cost of dogs walking has gone down drastically. Many small and independent dog owner still want to take their animals on long walk, some days even go through five kilometres of this walk. It is important to use caution and be prepared and be mindful of dog walking area, size and speed. Do not go out with your dog for walk when the temperature is above 22 degrees. If in fear of dog attack, be careful and stay in the car.

Do not be afraid of dogs that are afraid of humans or pets. Dogs are not the predator in your life you think of in case of human intruder, they are more like pets that will help you and look after you if they see they need to and you don’t want them to be alone. Dogs are very sensitive, they will react towards humans (usually if you are out with them) as if they are being harmed or hurt. So for this reason, be prepared to walk your dog in a way that is safe and safe for your pet to walk in.

How much to take my dog on long walk in Bangalore

As it is a country of different landscapes and different types of habitats, a walk in Bangalore is a journey filled with different emotions. Do not be afraid of what you see or don’t see out there, you can take it in or you can turn your eyes in the horizon and start looking forward. It is normal when a dog comes in a country to get used to the place, the dogs do not have a good sense of where they live. To make them feel comfortable and secure in their surroundings, there is very limited things to do and people are too busy all the day. So keep your dog in a room or with other dogs that may need some space and give them some time to figure out where they are.

Make sure to take your puppy to a kennel where there should be food for him to get used to eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is a good place to start your walk.

The best time for a walk is usually between 7-10 am or 8-9:30 am, you can do this walk in the afternoon on a more pleasant time to look at the sights like in different parts of Bangalore city.

Do not walk when there are no other people, it can lead to dog bite and the owners can have a serious issue. Remember, dogs, like cats and humans are sensitive creatures, if they feel threatened, they

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