How much is a zoo Licence? – Pet Company Name Ideas

How much is a zoo Licence? – Pet Company Name Ideas

You can receive a zoo Licence in a range of ranges from £5 (£5 on school-age children) up to £150 (£150 on family members). This money, which can be received by post, helps us to provide the great education that people at the zoo experience. If you are applying to get a zoo licence, you should send the following information to the office. It will be recorded in an entry in the Zoo Registry.

Your name

Your address

Your telephone number

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Your birthday and the date

Your address, the first day of school that you start working for the zoo

The location of your school

Note For zoo licenced institutions, the registration details should include a reference number.

Where can I apply?

To apply for a zoo licence or zoo certificate you can:

Download the zoo licence application form from the Zoo Online or from the Zoo Licence Service office.

Visit the Zoo Licence Service office, or

If you are a non-resident you can apply as an individual and be given a licence. You can buy a zoo licence online at the Zoo Online or from the Zoo Licence Service office by telephone.

How much information should I include?

Please complete our Zoo Licence Information Form if you apply for your licence online or give it to the office as a letter.

Do I need an adult or guardian to apply for a zoo licence?

You can apply as an adult or a visitor provided that:

you are 18 or over [14 or 15 years old by 21 Dec 2017]

you do not live on the premises of the zoo

you have an outstanding debt from payment of a licence fee

You will need to provide proof of your identity.

An adult may be accompanied by one other individual other than your spouse or civil partner.

If you are eligible to receive a zoo licence, you may be able to pay a zoo licence fee upfront by cheque or by credit card.

How do I apply for a zoo licence?

To apply, you should visit the Zoo Online or the Zoo Licence Service office on a non-work day. If you apply by post you must provide the details to include in your application to the Zoo Licence Office.

What if I can’t apply for a licence online?

In the event that you can’t get the form signed and submitted, you can ask the office

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