How much does a pet shop owner make? – Catchy Dog Grooming Business Names

How much does a pet shop owner make? – Catchy Dog Grooming Business Names

Pet stores earn about $10.50 an hour to run the store, plus tips. It takes many more hours as a store manager and in sales, marketing and sales consulting.

Pet stores operate on margins of 1-5% — though these margins may shrink as sales grow or as cash rolls in from owners. To keep the store viable, pet store owners have to keep a good ratio of cash to operating income.

Average Pet Shop Earnings by City

The chart below shows how much pet shop employees earn in various places within each city. It includes income including sales taxes, utilities and utilities fees.

Average Pet Shop Cash (in millions)

These are the most common places where employees earn around $8 to $12 hourly. Here’s an overview of other places with cash-flow problems:

L.A. and St. Louis both earn a lot less than many people think. L.A. has several pet shops. The average wage there is less than $12 an hour. St. Louis has two or three places to buy the animal. A store employee can easily earn $14-$15 an hour but the owners can barely support them with their own pocket money.

Other small cities like Omaha, Neb., have fewer than 10 full-service pet shops. They range from $10 to 25 an hour.

In Austin, it’s a little different. It has about 18 pet shops in a city of about 2 million people. They pay $14 an hour, but Austin City workers are still pretty much working for free. They earn $11 an hour to run the stores and $20 an hour in marketing and sales for merchandise to be sold there. The city says it employs about 200 people to run the stores but some other factors are also at play. The City is trying to make sure these stores are financially viable so that, on average, customers don’t spend more than $2 on their weekly shopping trips, $1 on meals and the other $1 for gas.

Austin Pet Shop Employees Earn Nearly $15 an Hour

Here is a summary of the pay averages at most pet shops in each city.

Top 3 Pet Shop Earnings Cities for Pet Shop Employees

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The numbers below represent a general spread of pay in different places around Austin. If we take the middle of the pack, all other cities have at least the $12 to $20 per hour pay average.

Average Pet Shop Cash (in millions)

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