How many dogs can you legally walk? – How To Start An Exotic Pet Store

How many dogs can you legally walk? – How To Start An Exotic Pet Store

There are no specific laws about the number of dogs that can be allowed to be kept for protection and hunting purposes in Australia. As long as they are able to walk, the owner is bound to them. In a situation where an owner allows dogs to be let loose and they start showing aggression or behaviour that is harmful to people and/or the environment, or their owner is unaware of their dogs’ actions until it is too late, the owner is likely going to be committing an offence.

If you have dogs and the owner allows them to roam free, these can result in a serious public nuisance, causing alarm or even property damage. Dogs are often kept in kennels, dog runs, parks, or even on private property, which means they may be left with people who aren’t aware that they are there. You may also be responsible for ensuring that the dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations and spayed and neutered, which in turn means that the owner is responsible for keeping them safe and out of the way while you have the dogs.

The owner of the dog and any responsible dog owners should be prepared to face the consequences of letting them loose.

What kind of dog can I keep on my property?

Dogs that are not dangerous, don’t have any health problems, or are very tame, should be allowed to be kept. However, if some of the above conditions are not met, you must consider restricting access and/or keeping the dog under your control.

To prevent the danger of a serious dog attack, it is strongly advised that if you own a dangerous dog, and have been let loose, you take extra precautions to avoid this happening. This includes the following:

Always keep a dog under your control by having it under your control whenever you can, not just while you are out walking but also during the times when you are at home or working.

Always keep dogs out of yards or gardens

Never allow a dog out with children and/or pets

Keep dogs away from other people’s property


If a dog attack exists, this is the time to take action. Call your local police and have them come to your home to check on the condition of the dog. Get the owner to do the same. Ensure that the dogs are on a restricted schedule: a 12-6-6 day schedule (exception: an hour of daylight and a 12-6-6 midday schedule is allowed

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