How do I start an online pet business? – Pet Care Business Name Ideas

How do I start an online pet business? – Pet Care Business Name Ideas

The first step is to become active on Pinterest. There are a lot of opportunities to start making money here, but I’ve heard of someone selling fake kittens and kittens. I don’t believe in selling puppies and kittens, so I didn’t follow the trend.
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Also, don’t put ads in your photos! It’s easy money. Here are 3 tips of how to sell on Pinterest:
1. Create a niche, like animals.
For example, if you’re selling flowers and roses, use the word “flowers” in your image.
2. Keep the pricing reasonable.
This will help you to increase the conversion rate of your photos. For example, if you have a price of $5 for each photo, add 30% to the price of that photo.
3. Use your photos for a business card!
This is a pretty straightforward way to make a quick buck. Find a photo of someone in a specific industry, like a lawyer or dentist. For example, here’s a card from a dentist. Keep the image as generic as possible for the best results. (If you use your own photos instead, be sure to post your photos for free on our Pinterest board!)
Do you have other ways to make money online? Let’s go!

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