How do I start a successful dog walking business? – Pet Business Plan

How do I start a successful dog walking business? – Pet Business Plan

We offer the largest selection of dog walking supplies in the area as well as Doggy Dining Package Deal for $39, where you get our 1:1 package for 30 dogs for only $12 per dog or $35, which includes 1,000 pounds of dog food for your dogs as well as a full-service dog walker’s supply kit.
Learn How to Start a Pet Boarding Business

Do you walk pets alone? Of course! We are a full service dog walking business and offer dogs that are house-trained or house-nourished as well as other breeds.

Do you walk dogs with other families? Yes! Our walker package comes with a separate dog walker who will help you take care of your dog. You could hire a walker for your family for an hourly fee or $75/hour for a half-day, which is great for those who are working on their own.

Do you rent out my house to other dogs? Our walkers will also rent your house to other dogs. Just call ahead to make sure you get the right kind of tenant.

How is my dog watered and what about the dogs that I let walk in my yard? You will notice that we love to make you and your dogs feel loved, safe and secure in our new home! Our dogs are checked daily by our friendly walker, who will constantly give her puppy a good bath. Also, we shower, feed and clean the dogs whenever possible. We love our dogs and the people who are involved in our dog walking business are well taken care of too.

We do have some pet-sitter services (no dogs, no problems), but we do ask you to call in advance to confirm that we can meet your needs and that it will not be a burden.

Do you have a dog park? No we do not. In fact, we have a full time dog walking and boarding facility (Pet House) that can accommodate 1,500 animals per week. The space that is available allows us to have two different facilities – one for dogs with owners and one that is not pet friendly. As such, our facility is always full for dog walkers, boarding children, groups and families.

Why don’t they let me use their restroom? They do! However, if you are outside we encourage you to bring your own urinal. If there is nowhere to urinate, please leave your dog’s bowl and chew toys at home.

Do the dogs come with their own collar? You may

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