How do I start a successful dog walking business? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukc Events

How do I start a successful dog walking business? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukc Events

1) Establish a good relationship with the owner in the beginning:

The best time to ask for support and advice on starting your business is to build a relationship early in your relationship with your dog walker! Many walkers have seen people start to run businesses and have quickly become great employees.

2) Start small and gradually get bigger:

People who have no idea what they want and start a dog walking business will likely experience huge growth. Start small and slowly work your way up.

3) Start small:

When opening a dog walking business, have something concrete to offer! Try a local dog walker, buy some dog food to test out, or find some local dogs for your business! Have people come to the door and ask for tips on a walk – this increases the chance that you’ll be well received and end up being successful! Think of starting small so you can afford it!

4) Get your name out there:

If you don’t have a website online or online videos, don’t fret! Have your sign or logo shown on television, at parties, etc. Create a “DOG WALKER” t-shirt or poster at home, and then send out copies around town to help people see you! Show them that you’re not just another dog walker!

5) Keep it simple:

I’m always amazed how many people who are thinking about starting a dog walking business don’t take into account that they need a great product in the first place! Get an idea of why customers love your business and show it by providing quality. For example try and find out about your dog walker’s family or why it’s important to them.

6) Be clear about your needs:

People looking to start a dog walking business are often overwhelmed by the variety of businesses offered! If they ask you “Do you walk dogs or just buy a lot of dog food?”, the answer is “both”. A dog walker is just like any other customer, so you can easily be confused if asked one question that leads to other questions. If you start your business with the intention of selling products, a good way to answer the question “What kind of dog food should I be selling?” is to ask them “When do you buy your dog food?” This helps differentiate your business from all the other dog walkers just walking around your neighbourhood!

7) Avoid sales pressure and sales tactics:

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