How do I make homemade dog food? – Fun Dog Business Ideas

How do I make homemade dog food? – Fun Dog Business Ideas

1. Buy the cheapest canned or ground meat in the supermarket by cutting it in half. Use 2-3 tablespoon of dried minced red pepper (pepper paste) in the stuffing. Sprinkle the meat over a fresh bed of lettuce.

2. Heat up a pot, add 2-3 tablespoons of water, some salt and oil. Add chopped pepper and onions and continue cooking. Add more oil or salt as needed to cook it to the right consistency.

3. Serve your meal and enjoy the smell of fresh, wholesome homemade dog dinner!

Can I make a big batch of this dog food?

Yes! Use 4-5 canned dog food items: meat, leg bones, liver, cheese, bone broth, cornstarch, and water.

If you want to make a huge batch, use 4-5 boxes of a cheap dry dog food or 3/4 box dry dog food.

The dogs that like it a bit bit greasy will be much more satisfied.

What is the best canned food that I can use at my dog’s age?

I like my dog treats, I can use dry dog food in a salad, in meat or chicken dishes, and I can use this dog food in the dog food dish. Do you want to try this new homemade dog food? I have been making it since March 2017, my dogs are so happy!

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