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As a young adult, you’re probably trying to figure out if you can make money off the Internet. If home computing is a goal, there are a few things you can do:

Get your hands on a home computer and become proficient using these programs: Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Linux (especially Linux in VirtualBox)

Make an application that fits your skills.

Learn a programming language.

If you have any suggestions/tips/techniques for making money from home, feel free to share them!

For years I have argued about why the Internet is not going to be as big as the Internet in the 1990s, and the reason why has to do with the fact Google was invented in 1997 (not 1995 because the original design was the early 90s when many of the technologies that we now consider to be critical were invented) and the Internet was not invented in 1997. I did not invent the Internet but I am convinced that it would not exist in 1997, and the reasons are pretty basic but well known to everyone. The Internet was created to enable mass communication using text, so it’s just a plain old utility. In the 1990s, with the success of the World Wide Web, this made it a much bigger market to be in with mass communications than it was with text and not so much a utility.

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Today there are many more services that are very useful for mass communications, and they are more expensive.

Now I think it’s pretty obvious and pretty straightforward that there is an Internet business model that will not exist for the next 50 years because of the cost of capital and all the reasons above. There is no such thing as “the Internet” as far as it’s important to people, and it is an incredibly valuable service, because not only does it allow the exchange of information that is much more efficient in terms of transmission, it allows the exchange of that information across borders as well, that was a really important element in how the World Wide Web worked.

However, the reason I’ve been arguing about it for so long is because I feel like everybody is saying “The Internet is going to be billions of people connecting all over the world” and that the value of the Internet increases linearly with population – that’s the problem, the value is going away from that because we are in a world where there are many more Internet users and there are much more expensive connections across the globe, and that is going to decrease the value of the Internet,

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