How can I bulk my dog naturally? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukulele Orchestra

How can I bulk my dog naturally? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukulele Orchestra

For this reason, most dog breeders choose to have their dogs natural, or at least at a minimum, and do not use artificial insemination or breeding techniques on their dogs.

Many veterinarians are more relaxed about the idea of artificial, or “conventional,” insemination, however, and if they find your dog has some genetic faults, they can give you an accurate, easy and cost-effective option for you and your dog. There are many organizations that perform in vitro fertilization.
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Some veterinarians are less strict on dog breeders with regard to genetic testing because they may have some concerns about the use or misuse of genetic testing and/or their ethical beliefs about dogs not being able to have children naturally.

What about genetic counseling?

One of the most common questions asked by veterinarians is, “how do you know if a dog (or any other animal) is a good candidate for genetic enhancement?”

To this point, I have answered this question with the following five points:

1. Some dog breeders try to develop the ultimate genetic enhancement, but this is often unsuccessful.

2. Most dog breeders are unaware of genetic enhancements. Some breeders have been approached through advertisements in newspapers or television programs, and one or both of the owners of the animal have expressed concerns about genetic “enhancement” and have expressed an interest in genetic improvement in some way.

3. Genetic enhancements are not always easy, but the efforts are very worthwhile. In many cases, breeders, veterinarians, and other interested parties may be willing to help the breeders build their breeds. Some dog breeders have been very helpful during the development of their dog’s traits and/or characteristics.

4. Many breeders are unaware that many of their dogs are related. In fact, many breeders know that they are related, and that most are related, but they choose not to raise this information with their prospective new clients, and many end up passing this knowledge on to potential clients. Breeders know that if they try to use genetic enhancement, they will likely pass it along to their next generation.

5. Breeders are more likely to use genetic testing if they were informed of the concerns that other breeders, veterinarians and the general public expressed about using genetic enhancement.

As a result of these reasons, many breeders ask veterinarians and the general public about whether genetic testing for any breed is ethical.


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