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No. It is not a “service account” account. You can start the application and then switch back to your standard monthly account if you want.

Can I cancel the subscription before the end of the service period?

At no time is Rover going to be able to cancel or refund you once you have paid the subscription. If you want to cancel the subscription before the end of the current subscription term, simply give Rover a final email with the last name you entered in your Rover application. Then, the last name is the service account name of the new subscription, and the name of the service account you would like to cancel.

To continue the subscription you must continue paying, otherwise Rover will no longer be able to deliver any software updates, which may be necessary once you cancel.

Will I be charged for anything after I cancel?

No, since Rover pays your balance every month, you won’t be charged any additional fees to your account beyond what you already pay.

If I stop the subscription before the end of the current subscription term, will I be charged?

You can stop the subscription at any time. When you stop using Rover, all of the software will stop working. In some instances, we may offer you a refund as we think your usage did not match what you had set for the subscription. In some cases, we will also offer you options not listed here as to what you may want to cancel. Please contact us for details!

What is the best way to pay?

We prefer PayPal (you can see a list of the payment methods you may use). If using PayPal, contact us here on this form.

What payment methods are accepted?

Paypal, Skrill, Western Union

Pay by phone [email protected]

Please note

You may have to pay shipping back to us due to an import ban that has been declared on the item.

Does delivery date apply?

All deliveries are subject to normal customs clearance. The expected delivery date is estimated by Rover for each order. It may vary depending on the country the product is being shipped to. Please visit our international shipping page for more information.

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