Do I need a license to sell animals? – Pet Business Newsletter Topics

Do I need a license to sell animals? – Pet Business Newsletter Topics

It depends who you are and why you are taking the animals. Animals you might be taking from someone’s farm are not considered a farm animal and do not need to obtain a farm license and are exempt from having a pet license.

What is “farmer” and who is a farmer?

In New Hampshire, a landowner is someone that is a landowner in this state or in some other jurisdiction. The primary difference between farmers and other farmers is that land owners are not required to register a pet as a farm animal.

There are many different definitions for a farmer and the following includes some of the most commonly used definitions in New Hampshire. While a farmer is someone who harvests, plants, and raises crops on their land, it could be someone who owns land that someone has used as a farm but the owner does not cultivate; who has a crop in their area or does not grow their own food; or an employee of a farmer and the primary farming operation.

Can I buy an animal off of Craigslist?

A person may not sell any animal in this state without first posting an ad on Craigslist.

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Does New Hampshire have an animal rescue?

New Hampshire does not have an animal rescue or the Humane Society.

Do I have any rights to an animal for a vacation?

You can have a pet and still take your vacation. Your pet will need to be removed by a doctor or veterinarian and you will have a one year right of rehoming and you can receive a refund from the rental agent if a different animal is taken.

I paid for a dog vacation package and now the dog is missing while I am in the area on property. Where is he?

It is possible that the dog may have run away with a friend, or another animal that was in the area and may be looking for a new home. Some rental car companies will pay a $500 deposit, but it is unlikely that the dog will be found and he could be placed with another person willing to take him.

What happens if I rent a pet from someone who does not have a farm license?

For reasons not yet known, you may be able to have a pet and you must apply and have a license or certificate from the government. You can obtain a certificate from the New Hampshire Landlord and Tenant Bureau.

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