Do dogs get sad when you leave? – Arthur’s Pet Business Vhs

Do dogs get sad when you leave? – Arthur’s Pet Business Vhs

Sometimes we leave them alone for long periods, for example if we are out for a long time

You will have to see if the dog is ok to start leaving them alone once again.

They may look sad, they may run to the fence or they may even growl, but it doesnt always mean theyre unhappy. Usually though they just cant seem to stop barking about it.

As usual dogs do cry when we get home, and a lot.

It might be a little bit louder than usual and maybe it might also have less of them barking.

This could mean its the right moment to start the process of letting them go.

The best way to start this process is to pet them at the door.

This makes sure they understand that you don’t want them here anymore or that you want to leave them or they will start to bark again.

You might think your dog is ok if you just tell them to come over and leave them alone again.

Of course sometimes its just not right, especially in extreme situations.

But you can still help their feelings out with a simple hello and a gentle hug to keep them calm.

After this hug try to get their attention once again, theyll have to know that you dont want to leave them.

Theyre more sad if they wait until someone leaves the house as it puts them back at the door, theyre just waiting for someone to do the same or they want to get back at you.

It sounds simple and easy but sometimes we get so wrapped up in life that we forget to appreciate the small moments for the ones around us.

Do these small acts of kindness go some way to calming the dogs from their sadness?

I think so.

Maybe just a little bit.

I feel that a hug on the hand every now and then should be enough to put peace in your dogs heart as much as it can.

Some dogs will even become so attached to you that they would be fine outside or even inside of houses as long as theyre with you, they love you and theyll only bark if you leave them for a while.

I think we have to remind them to let you go some time, but do it slowly so that it doesnt end up hurting them more in the heat of the moment.

It might not seem like a huge change but its just a tiny step in the right direction.

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