Do dogs forgive owners? – Pet Business Newsletter Content

Do dogs forgive owners? – Pet Business Newsletter Content

It seems odd that their owners often want to punish them for their misdeeds. What happens to their owners when they disobey? Do dogs have hearts? I don’t know or don’t care and want to stick to my guns! I’ve had dogs, mostly in shelters, that have been surrendered for adoption and been turned over to their owners for killing the other dog. I’ve had dogs in a shelter that were adopted and turned over to owners (sometimes multiple owners) who would turn their dogs over for killing another dog instead of the owner or other dogs. That’s a different animal. I’m sure there are some dogs who were saved by their owners that wouldn’t have been without them as they died. But it seems they do have hearts. Are dogs really all right with human beings killing animals? If not then who makes the decisions? To what extent do the dogs have a say in the issue, what decisions should parents make about it, and what are the consequences for their behavior? How should they handle the issue?

A: There seems to be no simple answer, and it might depend on your family culture. This answer is based from the following two theories:

1. Dogs don’t have hearts. In the short term, we all know about our dogs’ hearts, and often they’re happy about what they do. But in the long term, a dog is probably most happy when it’s killed, whether that means killing a baby animal or the owner of the animal. Some dogs have a different attitude toward killing than others, but they mostly have a positive attitude toward killing.

2. Dogs have a lot of control over their behavior, and most dogs can control their own lives. (I’ve never known an American dog that can’t control themselves; they are the world’s strongest dogs.) So even if dogs do have hearts, they aren’t all so positive about killing, and as our answer indicates, it depends very much on the culture of your family.

Q, California: We have a dog, a German shepherd named D, who does not like people at our local dog park. She tends to run right over people and chase after them. I’m really frustrated at this because at least she’s in a nice neighborhood. The police tell us they have her locked up and they’re not doing anything about it. Does this mean we should not let her play with the children because if there’s an accident or something wrong, she could hurt someone? I don’t know if we should

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