Can you sell puppies without a license? – Home Based Pet Supply Business

Can you sell puppies without a license? – Home Based Pet Supply Business

The answer is yes. Many people purchase puppies from pet stores, pet shops, and backyard breeders. All puppies are covered by the California CSA, and owners are responsible for the health of their puppies; in the case of puppy mills, these animals are often given antibiotics during their transition to humans as punishment for the owners’ neglect. This practice violates both the federal and state laws against selling animals in captivity.

However, the California CSA permits breeders and breeders selling directly to customers to keep and train the animals in their homes, as long as they provide appropriate veterinary care. The law does not prohibit breeding or selling dogs and other animals. This means that many reputable dog and cat breeders in California are exempt from their federal and state laws.

Are there breeders and breeders selling puppies to the public?

Yes. Breeders and breeders selling directly to the public are subject to the federal laws prohibiting the sale or promotion of certain animals. The California CSA allows them to sell to individuals who come to them directly. These individuals may be able to purchase as many dogs as they like in their individual homes. However, the California CSA does not prohibit breeding at all.

Can I sell a puppy online?

There appear to be no restrictions on puppies sold outside the commercial pet trade. However, California voters in 1994 enacted new requirements that require breeders selling their puppies online to obtain license. The requirements do not apply online; however, online puppy sales may be reported to the FDA. If it is discovered that these puppies have been sold to a person other than their owners, and the purchaser knew or reasonably should have known that these puppies were not theirs, the manufacturer is required to pay $600 per puppy. These new rules are intended to prevent puppies from being resold, and should not be circumvented by someone who is trying to purchase a dog from a breeder.

If a puppy is bought online, can I sell it to my friend or colleague?

This is an important question, and should not be rushed into an answer. The California law gives you more power than most to tell your prospective buyer whether he or she is a legal pet owner or not. This includes, for example, whether you want to transfer ownership, whether you want to keep the puppy, and whether you want to provide the puppy for adoption, among many other things. By asking questions before buying a puppy online, you give a clearer picture of what the potential buyer is looking for

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