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Can you kill your friends dog?

In case you missed it, a dog named Kiki was on her walk yesterday when she went for some exercise to keep to a strict training schedule. She was walking in a fairly dense brush on the edge of an alley (for you pet owners). Her front yard has very tall trees, with very little shade or shade trees. Because the area was very dense, the dog was on top of a tree about 50 feet out the door and couldn’t see much. She was able to see the street because she was walking in to a spot where she could see the buildings in front and the light on the street. So that is a pretty good start.

She was at the end of the alley and had been taking walks for 10 minutes or so and was about 40 feet away when she heard the noise. She immediately started to run. She ran in the direction of the sound, but that turned out not to be the sound.

My friend and I tried to call out our dog but there wasn’t anything and we weren’t paying attention (for real this time). We heard screaming and felt her come over towards us. He reached out to grab her but she was too far away to actually grab his hand and that’s when both of us became concerned that she was getting hurt.

We are both dogs owners (we have a 3 dog and 7.5 year old cat) and I went over to the street to call for help but the sound seemed to be coming from the alley that was right next to our house. We were both scared of the noise and we couldn’t understand why we couldn’t see any animals. So we decided to take a walk.

When we got back from the walk it was pretty clear that everything was fine. She was barking at the top of her lungs but was still being fed from our hand. She was not barking now, she had stopped completely but her mouth was still open and her teeth were loose. She was still having a really good time out here and we were both very happy to have her!

Thank you for reading and keep looking for more information!

-Brian and Lisa!

A man in his 40s was taken to hospital following a shooting at the intersection of Hilderbrock Avenue and Glenbrook Drive early Saturday morning (Oct. 29).

Witnesses in the area of the shooting told Global News that they heard two gunshots around 8:30 a.m.

Police have yet

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