Can I make and sell dog food? – Pet Business Insurance Providers Ukzn

NO, but we have found an exception to this. We will provide you with an order form for you and your pet(s). Please print this out and then fill it out. We will provide you with a food sample (for dogs and cats up to 12 lbs) within 12 weeks of ordering in large or in an ingredient form (for dogs up to 12 lbs) within 12 weeks of ordering using the sample form. Please visit the Dog Food FAQ for more information. This sample form will give you food you will be able to feed to your dog from October 1st to March 31st.

When does the sale end?

The sales ends on April 30th.

I have not received my order – What do I do?

If your order was placed on the 10/02/18, we will email you a letter with your food sample at no cost to you and a receipt for the samples and return if requested. All prices have been adjusted due to the increased size of each sample. As we continue to add different size foods to our selection our prices are going to increase. For your convenience, for this reason we will keep your sample amount the same in all cases. You can also return the food to your local Pet Food store if you wish at no cost and receive a store credit towards your next order. We are not required to return food to the store.
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How much can I save on shipping?

We try to use as many efficient shipping methods as possible. The best way to save money is to ship your purchase anywhere in North America (some restrictions may apply). In order to save a little cash on shipping we suggest having any purchases shipped to a PetSmart or Petco near you such as your home, town and school. We ship ALL orders to our local offices in the US or Canada.

What can I do to help?

Please share your experiences and your questions about Dog Food Depot with us via our social media pages!






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