Why do pencils look like rubber? – Street Magic Tricks Revealed Videos You Can Do

Why do pencils look like rubber? – Street Magic Tricks Revealed Videos You Can Do

How do you change them?


I have an engineering background to give you your facts correct on this one. In the 1970’s, when I was an Electrical Engineer I was tasked with trying to design a pencil. I worked with several different pencil manufacturers at a time designing pencils that did a few different things. I have found that the majority of manufacturers have the characteristics to design pencils for one person. In other words, they are designed to fit in the hand of a particular individual. Many manufacturers design pencils that can be used by two to three people. Many manufacturers use a hollow steel in their pencils. This hollow steel offers a unique feature where when you take out the pencil from it for using and replace it with another one, the pencil will not change. While pencils that can be changed by the user can cost thousands of dollars, not many have the flexibility to be changed.

The next time you want to change a pencil, keep these simple points in mind:

1. Do not throw your pencil out! The steel in the pencil can become a sharp point when the pencil is thrown out.

2. Do not hold the blade of the pencil down or your grip will slip.

3. Keep your fingers away before your fingers scratch the surface of the steel. It will never be a rubber pen that you will end up with.

4. Remember always to keep your pencil sharpened!

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