Who is the bald kid in The Matrix? – Magic Tricks With Revealed

Who is the bald kid in The Matrix? – Magic Tricks With Revealed

Why does he look older? Is he a product of Matrix magic? Why does he look very much like Kurt Cobain? Can you answer these questions and more in this book?

These questions are answered in this entertaining book. It takes an in depth look at the film with a humorous perspective that will bring you into the mind of Kurt Cobain and the music that inspired him.

Here’s a look at some quotes from the book:

Kurt Cobain: The Life and Times of Kurt Cobain by Jon Pyle

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In his introduction, Jon Pyle describes Kurt Cobain’s early life and the music that inspired him.

“When he was young, Kurt spent time as a child touring with his father’s band The Ramones. He had been a punk, who loved to make noise and smoke cigarettes. In college, Kurt made friends with local musicians. In 1971, Kurt and his friends began performing “f***in’ magic” on the streets of Seattle… He was at this point a teenager who had spent his youth playing with local musicians. One night he saw the Ramones perform and decided he wanted to be one of them. Soon thereafter, he started seeing bands. The first was ‘The Police.’ It was the punkest music he had ever heard, and the name stuck to him. “They had a strong personality that I felt they could live by their song lyrics and in their songs, but they were never confrontational in any way… They were honest and passionate about rock & roll… It took them a long while to build up their fanbase… “Kurt was always the punk kid who played by his own rules.”

Kurt Cobain: The Man Behind The Mask by Chris Piazza

In the introduction, Chris Piazza explains Kurt Cobain’s music and the influences that made him what he was in the beginning of his career:

“After his father’s passing, Kurt moved to the suburbs. He spent a year living with his girlfriend and making music while working a part-time job while also creating a music career, in the process, finding his father’s work. The next year was the early years of The Ramones when Kurt was only 17 years old. His music evolved and he was known for his “rock n roll” style with a strong influence of Johnny Cash. It was the summer of ’72 with his friends that Kurt moved into the basement of his girlfriend’s home. There, they started to record music. A

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