Which country is famous for black magic? – Magic Tricks Cards

Which country is famous for black magic? – Magic Tricks Cards

The French. The French have a lot of black magic.

How many black magicians have you met or was invited to talk at?

I’ve met a lot of guys in the last year, even in New York.

What kind of guy is you?

I am a very outgoing guy. I do a lot of comedy. I am very open-minded.

What do you do where you live? Do you have a home?

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My home is really small. It’s located in the French Riviera, where I live. It’s just some beach, and it is also a gym.

Do you teach or do you just stay at home?

I teach and teach and teach.

What is your biggest secret or how many black magic tricks would you like to play in front of the world?

I do not need secrets and I have so much fun that I don’t know what I want to call them. But I tell you how many times they tried to tell me that I have to have a magic trick in my mouth and that I have to do something like that and not make an accident while doing so.

I don’t know. I have no intention of getting rich doing that.

But do you have anything you would like to say to the audience about how you get the feeling that something’s happening? Are you in the feeling or do you have a feeling?

You just have to enjoy it until you can’t enjoy it anymore. That’s what I always tell them.

You know who wrote a book about black magic?

Yes, it was a Chinese guy, actually, who wrote the book about black magic, and I guess I’ll read it on the day, too 🙂

What is your favorite black magic trick?

I’m fond of all of them! It all brings me so many things, so much, so very very happy. And happy is a special feeling.

What about your favorite book about black magic?

The book about tricks that I enjoy the most is actually a Japanese book called Magic Master Shingon that has a lot of tricks, including a lot of Japanese tricks.

How about your favorite TV show or movie, in this case, the new Netflix animated short?

The new Netflix animated short, I really like. But I have a lot to say about it.

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