What was magic? – How To Do Magic Tricks With Cards Youtube

What was magic? – How To Do Magic Tricks With Cards Youtube

She thought as her eyes flashed like fire beneath her eyelids. “The world is what people make it.”

“I think there’s a lot in common between these girls and the witches of old,” the elf said. She looked at Merlin. “I don’t really get them. If we’re going to start with that, it makes my job a lot easier.”

The man nodded. “All right. I guess we’ll start off by doing this spell, to show the kids a bit more about the nature of magic. Don’t worry, we’ll explain the real reason you’re here. If you’re not curious enough, you can skip the explanation entirely. I’ll explain it anyway.”

“Really?” Hermione asked. Merlin looked surprised for a moment. Then he nodded.

“It’s important to explain that spells do more than just do something in this world. You learn spells just because their power is similar to real magic or useful for a lot of different things. That’s the real story behind most of them.” It was a good thing Merlin had a job where he could get more information.

Then, when he couldn’t help but laugh, he shook his head. “Not even you would think that,” he said. “Why are the children being so afraid of those who just seem magic?”

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“Because there’s a lot that goes on in that world that is very different from a magical one,” his sister explained.

“It sure would seem that way if you were just asking me,” Merlin said, his head turning for a moment. Then he smiled, and returned to his usual smile.

And then they finished. In a very short period of time, the kids had learned about all the different things magic could do, including how to create and use them. It was very much an advanced lesson – no wonder the teachers were very excited. It left them no doubt that this really wasn’t one of the most ordinary days of Merlin’s life. It gave them a big boost of confidence, and even an extra boost of happiness when it was over.

After it was over, Merlin went back to his desk, where he was already typing up another letter. It was about his first day at Hogwarts, and what he was going to have to do at Hogwarts.

Hermione stayed by his elbow as he was writing the letter. She felt really happy when she saw the kind little picture of her family, and felt like she could just cry

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