What superhero can read minds? – How To Do Magic Tricks At Home

What superhero can read minds? – How To Do Magic Tricks At Home

Wonder Woman can, and that’s all she’s good at. Wonder Woman can read minds and she can do it in secret. This does make her a bit weak at first.

The rest of the team is pretty solid. The book focuses on the team dynamic, and the team member strengths. The first issue has a great balance of action, tension, and psychological storytelling. Action scenes are always exciting, and that makes the tension feel even greater. I’m not sure if this is a part of what keeps the action of the book good or not, but the book does a great job of delivering tension. The action in this issue has plenty of depth, especially from the end of the issue towards the end where an interesting scene is revealed.

The book’s villains are all pretty interesting. They have plenty of tension to help the team develop, and the villain groups are also great. Each villain group shares some similarities with the other teams, particularly the Justice Society. Their personality is similar to some of their heroes in that their powers are the product of being a Superman. The villains do have their weaknesses but their abilities help make up for it. This book also has a character who comes from the comics but has some elements from the upcoming Justice League film. That is kind of interesting. I’m looking forward to his appearance in this issue and his interaction with Wonder Woman! (That’s not true, I’m just teasing.)

As one might expect from a modern Wonder Woman book, there are some issues and inconsistencies with the characters and the action. For example, Wonder Woman is one of the strongest characters in the book, and she is a very powerful Wonder Woman with the same power that Batman has (his own strength, mind reading ability, etc) plus her magic (the magic of the Amazons in this case) plus some additional attributes we will not get time to see. Another issue that is common in any Wonder Woman book is her size, and how large she is. She has a size range of 8-14, but that is always her maximum. In the first issue she has been in the comics since 1972 which makes her almost 50 years old, and this would seem to make her a young woman’s superhero, since there is no age restriction. In fact a couple of panels in the comic show how Wonder Woman could grow her hair to adult size in one panel! The fact that she did this at the start of the story makes her appear a lot younger than she would later appear.


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