What is the oldest magic organization? – Magic Tricks Youtube For Kids

What is the oldest magic organization? – Magic Tricks Youtube For Kids

In the old days, there were two principal organizations: the Ancient Wizards and the Order of the Phoenix – the latter being the less scholarly of the two.”

“Hmmm.” Draco asked in a low voice. “I’d have to ask a better question, and I doubt a wizarding house will have someone as inquisitive as yourself.”

“I am not so interested in asking a question as you are,” Harry admitted. “That is not the purpose of the conversation.”

“Ah, then, I suppose you’ve made your point. What is the oldest magical organization that I know of.”

“The Ancient and Noble Houses,” Harry suggested, thinking that the only organization that would still make an appearance over his lifetime had been probably the Order of the Phoenix. “I’ll ask another question later.”

“Indeed you will,” Draco agreed. “For now, let’s focus on our main topic.”

“Now, I don’t see many witches and wizards around here, even if they want to come to our little gathering.”

“And I see most of them aren’t interested in learning more about the oldest magical organization, even though they might want to try to solve a puzzle or read one of the books.”

“Then perhaps this is a good time to tell them about your little hobby.” Draco said, “You think you found something?”

“I don’t have much time before we reach our end of the lecture hall,” Harry pointed out. “I’d just like it to be over as soon as possible.”

“Good,” Draco nodded. He closed the book and turned to see the two of them still standing a bit behind Draco, each with their eyes trained on Harry.

“You didn’t say you found something,” Harry noted. The expression on Draco’s face changed. “The books.”

“Oh, I did.” Draco said. He turned and went over to the bookshelves, and returned with the book at Draco’s feet.

“Now Draco.” Harry said. “What are you going to do with them? You don’t need to be doing nothing with them. We have enough time to solve our puzzles. All we need to do is read them, and that should be all we need to do. Please don’t feel obliged to answer every question, I’ll be leaving.”

“Okay!” Draco agreed. “Well, there is one book I haven’t been able to find, so

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