What is the easiest magic trick? – Magic Tricks For Kids With Cards

What is the easiest magic trick? – Magic Tricks For Kids With Cards

What is the most difficult magic trick? What do you wish was a trick but wasn’t?

And of course, what happens when there is a magic trick but no trick to perform it?

Then it is up to you. In this category, we have our suggestions in order of easiest to hardest:

On Wednesday, the European Commission held an official meeting to talk to the Commission, the Central Bank, the European Parliament and various interested parties to come up with a strategy to deal with the refugee crisis. They also discussed how the EU could address the challenge posed by the migration crisis.

The meeting in Bratislava lasted over an hour and a half. There wasn’t much to report on. But the European Commission presented the document with some conclusions:

“The migrant crisis is a key strategic challenge that requires all elements of the continent to act together. The Commission has proposed new measures to support and reinforce the EU’s asylum and visa policy in member states. In its report, the Commission sets out a framework to address these challenges, which is based on the principle that EU laws must be enforced by all Member States… The Commission will now discuss how those measures can be implemented in an orderly and transparent way.”

Some of the proposals in the report include:

“The new asylum and visa policy

New border controls, under EU control and by third countries.

Enhanced cooperation on border controls and the EU-Turkey agreement

Increased access of third countries for asylum seekers

Increased solidarity with host Member States, especially at a time of unprecedented migratory pressure.

Increased border patrols and the enforcement of the EU’s external borders

A better cooperation and cooperation on the relocation of refugees…

Improvements in border security.

Enhanced surveillance and better protection of refugees’ belongings.

More coordination of asylum applications.”

The migrant crisis, the Commission stresses, affects a number of Member States. “They are responsible for their own asylum procedures, but all others share in the responsibility”. It should be noted that the Commission is talking with the Member States about the number of people who need to be relocated. The Commission is also considering ways to support countries that host most of the refugees in Europe, but this is not set in stone.

Magic —
All of this is interesting. It is also controversial. Even if the Commission is concerned about the migration crisis in Europe, it has an obligation to help those who have been forcibly displaced. There can be no moral argument

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