What is nature magic called? – How To Do Simple Magic Tricks Making Coin Disappeared A Date

What is nature magic called? – How To Do Simple Magic Tricks Making Coin Disappeared A Date

It’s the ancient and powerful art of casting magical spells. That’s the theory, anyway — but the truth doesn’t quite match the theory.

“Every year that passes the spell changes, and every year we find new new ways to use the spells that were discovered,” he told me.

His first wife died in 2010 when he was 30. But when he returned to China after 10 years abroad, it became clear that the magic wasn’t just limited to the house:

We could find magicians in any place if we were to stand on some spot that had the right weather and time.

So he returned to Beijing to start his own magicians’ school, and as he watched his students perform magic, he couldn’t help but think back to his own past.

“The magic I did when I was younger was basically a re-enactment of what I would have witnessed as a child,” he said, “and in some ways I’m still doing that. But with age comes wisdom.”

When I asked him how he was able to do all this, he smiled.

“I’m a lot stronger now than I was as a child,” he said.

And he isn’t the only one who has seen his art evolve.

When his son was four, he noticed he could do some pretty crazy things with just a stick, something he had thought to be impossible.

“It was my first reaction at that age that if they’re going to teach a child that’s able to do that at that age, then they’re probably teaching them wrong. Maybe they’re teaching them wrong because they don’t understand the concept of magic.”

His son is still a little bit in the dark about other skills and how magic works, but he is confident — and perhaps a bit terrified — that someday he’ll be able to teach him the basics.

“We’re still getting used to it,” he told me.

And one day, he hopes his son can ask if he can try magic. In the meantime, he keeps going — and pushing and pushing…

“I can’t wait to see how far we’re able to go,” he said with a grin.

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