What is acoustic levitation used for? – Easy Magic Tricks With A Pack Of Cards

What is acoustic levitation used for? – Easy Magic Tricks With A Pack Of Cards

Acoustic levitation is used as a simple tool for the control of atmospheric turbulence in areas of high density, where the turbulence occurs naturally. It is used as early warning systems for large aircraft movements, such as in the case of an aircraft in emergency landing. Another type of application is to increase safety of aircraft by enabling the crew to be able to move in an emergency situation.

What is the advantages of sound levitation?

As a low pressure effect that can be seen from space, the levitation occurs within the range of the hearing of the operator. The levitation of the air in any direction causes the air turbulence to flow in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the user with which he is levitating. This results in a decrease of the sound velocity as compared to a free air solution. Sound velocity decreases are more pronounced in a free air solution than in a low pressure effect. In an open system, both the speed of the air flow and its pressure in the surrounding air also changes with time as an aerodynamic effect.

Can acoustic levitation be used in an aircraft?
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As for any other aerodynamic concept, acoustic levitation is not yet able to be fully used. However, the acoustic levitation in the case of an airplane, is not as important as the noise it may produce and the associated vibration of the aircraft. It is also preferable to use a pure acoustic effect, since sound velocity may increase as compared to free air, and because noise may be a more important factor of safety in high-speed aircraft. In our system the sound velocity of the air is higher than the sound pressure density, so an aircraft must not exceed a certain speed.

How does acoustic levitation work?

The levitation takes place through the vibration of the air molecules. Sound speed and pressure in the surrounding air can be considered as two parameters of aerodynamic force, and the speed of the air, and the pressure in the surrounding air are affected by the combination of these two parameters. By levitating the air in any direction, the sound velocity changes from an air current of sound velocity along the entire air wave to a current of air pressure that is perpendicular to where the user is levitating. The speed, and the pressure in the surrounding air can be used to calculate the speed of the air flow. Both sets of parameters may be considered as two different variables in the calculation of the speed velocity.

The use of sound speed is not affected by the acoustic vibration of the air molecules

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