What does dark magic mean? – Smarter Living Podcast

What does dark magic mean? – Smarter Living Podcast

Is that even necessary?”

“I do not understand. You say that you do not understand, but why?”

“Because, dark magic…it can change a person, it can make them a monster, and the ones doing it are not to be seen… I believe that it is important for our world to know, but not that important, and that we should not waste time in studying a thing of such small importance. We should not live a life that is too comfortable, that doesn’t worry us much about the people we care for, and that doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable. We should do what we can to make our world one that we want to live in, one that we don’t have to worry about the problems that have plagued us all. That is our responsibility; that is how humans are supposed to live.”

“But what does it mean to ‘live in a world that doesn’t worry us much…’?”

“For me, that is the concept of magic. To be sure, there are people who have lived very comfortably who are not concerned about things like hunger and cold, or about how to keep people in their shoes when they are traveling.”

“Oh my… what is that supposed to mean?”

“They live a very comfortable life. There is something about their lifestyle that makes it so they can live a life with little fear of danger. They are safe and comfortable in the world around them. When I say they live a life of minimal fears, I only mean to say that they do not find even minor problems to worry about in the world.”

“…I see. What are your beliefs on that?”

“If you want to worry about small things, the answers you find there often end up with your heart.”

The woman looked at him with an expression that could not be mistaken…

“We know that the world is dangerous without us worrying about it. For that reason, it is a good thing that we live in a world where our lives is comfortable. That is how we can live in a world like this. We cannot live like that for long. If you become so comfortable that you do not even worry about things, you will end up becoming something like a monster. What does that do to me?”

The man looked at her with a face that could not be mistaken.

“…I do not know. What do you think about what I think?”

But her voice carried a t

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