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“No, this is more like a philosophy, and the religion is all about the magic; like the philosophy, everything has to be understood in order to be in harmony with the magic.” This quote, along with others, are often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, however, Jefferson was just one of many prominent Americans who sought to gain an understanding of the world through their personal exploration, philosophy and magic. In fact, Jefferson was so influenced by magic as a teenager, he gave out books about it to his friends. This is a bit similar to the many prominent people who follow such an interest.

Why do you think magic is so popular within the Muslim world?

“What is so fascinating is that with so many people being influenced by magic, it comes out with a different meaning — it is so clear, so beautiful and so universal,” says Rami Alami, owner of the Islamic Magic Center of North America in Toronto, Canada. “The first thing you’ll see is the energy and the magic of the person trying to use the magic, and from there, it’s about the emotion and the emotionality of the person who is the magician. In Islam, magic is a way of seeing the world around you and is a way of connecting with you and sharing the experience that someone else has had. Magic is definitely the best way to meet other people in a different way.”

Why is magic so prevalent in the west?

“The religion is not new in the world, but in the west, there is a certain amount of respect and acceptance to the magic,” says Alami. “People feel that it is a kind of religion. The fact that so many people are influenced by it, and in the west, it’s also not so much in that way.”

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Who can join?

“In the west, you can’t really get in without it being a certain experience, not really something you can just follow,” says Alami. “I think magic is a great way to have someone come and experience something different. If you give it the right kind of message, it can really help people come into a different world — it’s something unique to the people who experience it.”

What about being an outsider?

“Not that many people can join a magic group, but if you have a belief in the power of magic, if they believe the world is full of lies, even the devil is just a person in a white coat, then magic can be quite

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