How Old Is Magic The Gathering? – Magic Tricks America’s Got Talent Emotional

How Old Is Magic The Gathering? – Magic Tricks America’s Got Talent Emotional

Magic: The Gathering is actually a pretty old concept to anyone who has been playing Magic since it’s inception in 1994. At the core of the game is a set of 40-card decks. These decks are played out in the format that has evolved over the past four decades—Standard.

What is the Standard format? In a nutshell, Standard is the standard format that Wizards of the Coast currently uses to print and distribute game products. While there are changes made to the rules every six months (or even every other year), Standard remains a set of 40 basic land cards.

One important aspect of Standard is that it’s a completely open format. Players can play any type of deck they can make. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of diverse deck archetypes out there in the world of Magic. You can play a control deck, a combo deck or a midrange deck. In order to keep the game fresh each week, each format requires a certain level of diversity. What sets the modern Standard format apart is its ability to accommodate all styles of deck.

So What Does a Standard Deck Look Like? Generally speaking, there are four types of decks in Standard:
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How does Magic: The Gathering make its deck choices? The first step in making a Magic: The Gathering Standard deck is using the “deck creation tool,” which allows players to select what cards they wish to include in a deck. Once a deck has been composed it is then assembled in a deck box in front of the player. This process can take 10 minutes or over 1 hour depending on the card size of the deck.

Once all cards have been drawn, a player selects the order in which to add spells and creatures to their deck. If a player’s deck contains 2 or more copies of a particular card, the card is skipped over. For example, if a 3-1-1 deck has 6 creatures, 4 copies of Lightning Bolt , and 3 counterspells , the Lightning Bolt would be skipped over and the 3 counterspells would be added. However, if the deck contains fewer than 2 copies of a particular card, those copies are used as they are. For example, if a 3-2-1 deck contains 2 copies of Flame Slash and 1 copy of Stormbreath Dragon , 3 copies of Lightning Bolt and 2 copies of Stormbreath Dragon , then Flame Slash and Stormbreath Dragon are included

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