How does magic work? – Magic Tricks Book For Kids 6-8

How does magic work? – Magic Tricks Book For Kids 6-8

While a mage is able to create some magical effects, the extent to which they can be used are limited by their talent and expertise.

They cannot, for example, control the weather or create fire.

Mages also need to possess their elemental signature, something they must also keep under control.

They may also need to be able to manipulate nature, such as controlling fire or ice.

The spellcaster can also acquire magical abilities through direct training and experience in their chosen magic school or in a group of like-minded individuals.


Magic is an ability from the elements of earth, air, lightning, water and earth, including certain spells such as healing and summoning.

A spell’s nature is determined by their school or clan.


A mage uses a combination of his magical abilities in order to perform one or more spells.

Spells are taught to their schools from the time they are born and are learned through various means.

Chaotic, chaotic, divine, neutral, or other schools of magic may be used as classes.

If a school spells is a spellcaster using spellcasting, his spell will come from the highest of their schools.

Cleric, druid, monk, sorcerer, and warlock are examples of schools who do not use spells.

Chaotic Spells

Cleric, druid, monk, sorcerer, and warlock are the only spells that can have a chaotic school.

The following are the major schools of arcane magic.


Nature is the source of most, if not all, of mages’ magic and the magical world is home to many creatures that require magical support or protection.

The most obvious examples are trees and the forest floor, and animals such as birds and wild animals and even plants and fungi that need magical protection in order to grow normally.
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Natural allies

Nature may not have a powerful mage but creatures or beings may find it easier to work with their surroundings, helping to balance out conflicts.

Creatures of nature require magical protection and so they are often more inclined to cooperate with mages in order to overcome difficult obstacles.


Enchants are magical items such as rings, rings of protection, or rings of life.

Enchants are used in a variety of ways, both by magic users and monsters, to give something extra to a creature, give

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