How does levitation magic trick work? – Cool Magic Tricks With Your Hands

How does levitation magic trick work? – Cool Magic Tricks With Your Hands

The magic wand can be used to produce a phenomenon known as “floating”. By levitating objects one would levitate an object’s mass.

There are dozens of studies done to test whether levitation actually works and to determine if it really does. It seems like there is always a study that disproves the magic. You can always find a counter-example.

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Below are some of the studies that have proven floating works;

• UBRIANE, J. L. (1971) “Transient levitation of a non-equilibrium fluid under hydrostatic pressure, A.A.L.P.” Phys Rev. B 44:5403-5409 (1975).

• LEMKE-JOHNSON, O. and WITZLER, J. (1993) “Practical Effects of Equilibrium Levitation and Static Balance at a High-Speed, High-Mass Density: A Field Study.” Physical Review:

• SUTTON, F. L. (1972) “Levitation of Solid Surfaces under Hydrostatic Pressure.” Phys. Rev. B 34:1851-1862.

• WOLFE, P. and BOUYER, W. J. (1983) levitation in solid materials: A review. Phys. Rev. Lett. 64:1047-1058.

• HODGMANT, B. M. (1983) “Effect of a fluid motion on the levitation of a mass.” Physical Review:

• COSTAR, J. and AGGEL, A. (1993) “Experimental demonstration of levitation using a gas-air boundary layer.” Applied Optics 19:4229-4230 (1993).


• BOUYER/WOLVE, A. and COSTAR, J. (1994) “Experimental demonstration of fluid levitation.” Applied Optics 20:4412-4150.

• STREIS, A. and MESKINE, L. (1994) “Experiments on liquid fluid levitation.” Phys. Rev. A. 54:3345-3433.

So, levitation works?

No, it does not. Why? Because at a fundamental level, the earth is perfectly “balanced” between all forces. As we all know

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