How does close up magic work? – Some Magic Tricks To Learn Easy

How does close up magic work? – Some Magic Tricks To Learn Easy

Closing up your magic box with an arrow is just a special case (i.e. the magic box of your game is not closed, but you can still draw on it).

Drawing the magic box is a special case. Close up magic happens in the following way:

You hold the arrow up so that you can see the magic box inside it.

You hold the magic box on the table of the game.

The box can be a simple piece of cardboard, a box (which will be covered with a magic marker of sorts), a box with a hole poked in the top (like this:

or like this:

or like this:

or like this:

You draw an infront of the magic box to indicate that there is magic inside it (in other words, you are making a magic effect to be drawn on the magic box).

It is important that you draw a magic effect, or a marker, in such a way that it can be seen by other players.

A magic effect does not mean drawing a special effect, or a special marker; it is simply drawing magic from somewhere.

The Magic effects drawn using Magic Pots does not necessarily have to be used to draw an image. This can be used to draw a card.

Example of a magic effect from the cards:

The magic marker is a red square and the magic button is a black square.

I would say that this is a magic effect that tells people that they can play Magic in this way.

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