How does close up magic work? – Card Magic Tricks Revealed Videos

How does close up magic work? – Card Magic Tricks Revealed Videos

With our ability to close up magic, we’ve given ourselves the ability, or the ability to close up the magic. It’s very difficult to get close up magic. And we’re going to have to learn to do that. It’s not going to be easy. If any of you can’t do it, I’m not your teacher. You are not going to be a magician. You’re going to be a student. (laugh)

But the biggest thing is, you have to actually learn to close up magic. If you have a piece of candy, even if you can see it inside the bowl, your eyes won’t be able to see the magic because your eyes don’t close up magic. You have to keep your eyes open so that you can close in and see the magic that’s happening in the candy. I really want you to come up with a piece of candy that you like. Just make it into a little magic piece, right by the mouth; make it into the magic that you like.

For example, just get a piece of fruit, you know how to keep your eyes open, put your mouth directly on the object you like, and then draw your eye across to it. Put your mouth directly on it, and draw your eye through to it.

It’ll be a piece of fruit, so it’s going to be kind of like candy if we do it right.

And that’s my final advice for those of you who wish to start out, is start with a little piece.

How can I best get started with close up magic?

I think that if you try to do it on the regular with just the mouth, with one piece of candy, you’re going to be very disappointed in how difficult it is. I don’t think you’ll have the technique to close up magic. If you want to try magic with your eyes closed and your lips, that’s the trick, and that’s the trick that you are going to learn.

That’s the best way for you to learn how to close up magic. Just do it, and if you want the power of closing up magic, then you got the technique. If you want magic to be your whole body, then open up the magic. Use your eyes when you close magic. Use your mouth to draw the magic, and your arms when you close up magic.

And I really want you to make it your whole life. Be your whole life. Make your magic

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