How does a pencil work? – Show That Revealed Magic Tricks

How does a pencil work? – Show That Revealed Magic Tricks

What is the origin of pencils? Do we know how pencils make ink? How do they work? What are the different kinds of pencils, and where are they made? These and many other questions and answers from this and other articles in the new Encyclopaedia Britannica.

A pencil is made by a rod with a hollow stem and a small hole at one end. It is filled from the stem with a thin ink cartridge with a hole in it. The cartridge has a very small hole at one end and a spring-loaded lever at the other end to let the ink come out. In the process of filling the pencil, the ink gets squeezed by the spring-loaded lever. The nib of the pencil, called pencil, is made by making a hollow tube of ink, which fits between two sharpened edges on the rod, and then filling the hollow tube with ink.

The different kinds of pencils

At the end of the eighteenth century there was plenty of pencils available. The new kind of pencil was the eraser, which came in different shapes. All of them were shaped like a screw, the end being flat rather than pointed. If you want to use a pencil as eraser, the eraser is put on the table, and the tip of the pencil is in the position where the screw is.
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At the beginning of the nineteenth century there was a great many pencils sold, and these pencils are described differently here because all these pencils were made at different times in different places in English-speaking countries.

The earliest is called a pointed pencil (sometimes referred to as an oblong pencil), and it could be bought for a penny. It was used to copy small letters and to draw or cut drawings. Most of the pencils made in the nineteenth century had some slight resemblance to the pointed pencil. However, the pencils with curved ends, which were made up until the end of the century and are referred to as the penciled pencils, were quite different. They were used in writing and drawing.

Also called oblong pens, pointed pens, or pens with curved ends, they were made up from old pencils, or in the cases of English pens, their originals were not known until a century after they were made, and it was not known until recently what they had been used for. They were not much used in writing, and so were not very desirable. However, these pencils were very popular for drawing; they were

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