How does a mentalist do it? – Magic Tricks Revealed

How does a mentalist do it? – Magic Tricks Revealed

How does a “psycho-sorcerer” do it? A “psychopath”, as a member of the “dark community”, has a “psyche”, no different from that of a healthy human being. He or she has no free will.

One of the most widely-studied examples is the psychopath. An extremely wealthy and powerful individual, the psychopath is a ruthless individual and a manipulator.

There is no doubt that psychopaths are “evil-doers”. But what is it that they cannot help but do? What does the psychopath have against free will or a stable moral universe to live in?

I think there were four reasons why the psychopath is not a free-will theorist.

1) There is no free-will theory.

A free-will theory would explain why the psychopath could be so evil without violating his own free-will. You see, a free-will theorist would say that the psychopath’s “psychic-mood” is “pure chance”. His “mind-set” is not his own will – it’s merely the will of an external power acting on him.

A free-will theorist would say there is no “psychic-mood” or “psychic-action” to account for what happens when the psychopath is evil. Instead, we have to explain why the psychopath’s mental states are so chaotic and chaotic, why his conscious thoughts and decisions are so contradictory.

How then can the psychopath not go after you?

2) There is nothing outside your will in it to manipulate.

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A free-will theory would say that the psychopath is conscious of everything. If he did not, his conscious thoughts and decisions must have been “random” and without any significance to his decisions.

A free-will theorist would say that all of the free-will, unconscious decisions he makes have all occurred prior by him creating them – in order to ensure the psychopath’s survival.

You see, in order to live in safety and freedom, the psychopath cannot leave his world of fear and delusion and think about anything else. In fact, his conscious mental state dictates his decisions and the consequences. And those consequences cannot possibly be about freedom. So, the psychopath cannot possibly be a free-will theorist.

3) The psychopath doesn’t want to be free and safe.

Free and safe do not refer to the freedom of choice. When your conscious mind is “chilled” by

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