How do you palm a coin? – Cool Magic Tricks You Can Do At Home 5 Min Crafts Teens

How do you palm a coin? – Cool Magic Tricks You Can Do At Home 5 Min Crafts Teens

Does this sound like a good thing to you?

We’ll give you a minute to think about it or just get up out of your seat. One way to do this involves a few tricks you’ve probably never heard of…

How to Palm a Coin: A Quick Test

First, open the pocket of your shirt with your index finger and point your index finger at the center of the coin. If you can’t feel the tip of the coin, then the coin is struck or damaged. When you’re good at this, you can palm a coin without being seen or asked to give a hand signal for what to do.

Now, hold the coin near the center of the palm and palm a few times; try not to touch the coin directly with your fingers, or you may find yourself scratching the coin. Once you can palm a coin without touching the coin directly, it’s safe to do so.

How to Palm a Coin: A Hard Test

After you successfully palm your coin, try to palm that coin several other times without success. If you’re getting stuck, you may want to use the tip of your index finger to lightly touch the coin to see if it reacts.

When you fail to palm your coin several times, stop and try again. If you manage to palm your coin, this has proven to be true for all American coins since 1909.

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That means at age 50, your coin could be worth approximately $5.

Bonus Tip – The “C” Effect

To help you remember what you did, imagine the U.S. Mint issuing an “C” mintmark that looks like a “3” with the words “C” above and below it.

You can even write “C” like a letter in pen, make it a circle, or even make a sign with a “C” above.

Once your coin gets a “C” inside it, it’s a good bet that it will also be an “A” in the next five to ten centuries. That’s because the “A” was struck in 1851 and the “C” in 1905 as a “B.” That gives you a little extra time to palm the coin if you want to win.

Want to learn the rules? Check out the video below to learn how to palm a coin!

How to Palm a Coin Video

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